Angelo Giannone is an actor, a musician, and a writer currently based in New York City. Giannone has come from humble beginnings, working on various student films such as "Lost Ones" (2014) and "Flicker" (2015), to a deranged psychopath in the sci-fi independent thriller "Involution" (2018), to a troubled youth prosecuted for his own thoughts in the Kafka-esque drama "KILL" (2019), to the leading man in two upcoming WWI films, "Over There" (2021) and "A Proper Soldier" (2021).


Angelo James Giannone was born June 24th, 1995 in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, the only child of James Giannone and Sarai Evans. Giannone's father, a blues and jazz musician achieved much success at his craft playing all over the United States and Giannone attributes much of his creative spark to him. Giannone's skills as a actor became obvious to his parents after performing in various shows throughout high school and were in full support when he decided to move to New York City to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for acting.


Since he graduated in 2017, Giannone has thrived on stage, on screen, and on mic working on independent animation projects and as the titular character Kay in the English dub of season 3 of "Robot Trains" (2021).


Giannone is passionate about writing music, personal growth, and a damn fine cup of coffee.



MARTYR OF GOWANUS                       Principal                             Dir. Brian Meere/Pipedream Productions

OVER THERE                                       Principal                             Dir. Charles Allen

BY DECEPTION                                    Principal                             Dir. Adio Ash/Impaired Films     

A PROPER SOLDIER                            Principal                             Dir. Mitch Holson/Gates Media

FALLING SHORT                                 Principal                             Dir. Lukas Metlicka/ Digital Pilgrim Productions

PARADISE CITY                                   Day Player                           Dir. John Marco Lopez/LPZ Media

VIRT                                                   Supporting                         Dir. Rich Rule/Dizzyboy Productions

MEEK                                                 Principal                             Dir. Kyle Andrews

KILL                                                   Principal                             Dir. Quinten Guobadia

INVOLUTION                                      Supporting                         Dir. Pavel Khvaleev/Moonbeam Productions

Voice Over

FALLOUT: THE FRONTIER                     Video Games                    Dir. Jacob Claar

GARRIDO                                            Animation                         Dir. Joost Voss

THE SPIDER AND THE FLY                    Animation                         Dir. Poornima Subramaniam

ABSTRACT                                           Audio Description             Dir. Eric Wickstrom

SEX, EXPLAINED                                   Audio Description             Dir. Eric Wickstrom

EXPLAINED S. 1 & 2                              Audio Description             Dir. Eric Wickstrom

LA MARCA DEL DEMONICO               Foreign Language Dub        Dir. Diego Cohen/Erin deWard/Netflix

"THE GAMER"                                      YouTube Narration              Jeffrey Lawrence/Valnet Inc.

"THE BINGER"                                       YouTube Narrator               Dave Heuff/Valnet Inc.       

"BEHIND THE SCREEN"                         YouTube Narrator                Ali Pope/Valet Inc.


FOOD THAT BUILT AMERICA                  Principal                            Dir. Brad Grimm/History Channel

PRIMAL INSTINCT                                   Principal                            Dir. Chris Cassel/Investigation Discovery



THE MOUSETRAP                                   Giles Ralston                      Dir. Allen Phelps/The Theater Barn

THE NERD                                              Axel Hammond                  Dir. Phil Rice/The Theater Barn

GARDEN OF DELIGHTS                           Zenon                               Dir. Maria Swisher/Dirt [Contained]

KENTUCKY                                             Adam                                 Dir. Jonathan Bolt/Mary MacArthur Theater

AS YOU LIKE IT                                       Amiens/Le Beau                 Dir. Lester Shane/Mary MacArthur Theater


American Academy of Dramatic Arts  -  New York City (2 year conservatory program)


Special Skills

US Passport, Drivers License

Basic Stage Combat, Shakespeare Training, Songwriting

Instruments {Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Didgeridoo, Jaw Harp, Whistling}, Baritone 

Accents & Dialects {British (RP) and Southern; IPA Proficient}